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The benefits of Sports Massage for skiers

Benefits of Sports Massage for skiers - Cadman Race

Sports massage has many benefits for all types of sports people, exercisers and even the more sedentary amongst us!

Here are the main benefits of sports massage that skiers will really appreciate:

  1. Relax and stretch out tight and tired muscles
  2. Ease aches and pains
  3. Identify problem areas before they develop into an injury
  4. Improve circulation
  5. Clear out metabolites, often referred to as waste products
  6. Promote recovery after a hard day on the slopes
  7. Treat old injuries by breaking down scar tissue / adhesions and increasing blood flow
  8. Enhance body awareness
  9. Increase flexibility
  10. Deactivate trigger points

Sports massage is ideal for application before your skiing trip to help prepare your body, as well as during your trip, to deal with any developing aches and pains.